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Our Purpose

 Built around a famous jail at an active and historic courthouse, the Museum educates adults and students interested in local history and the Justice System by providing an interactive experience highlighting key civil and criminal rights cases as well as significant Maricopa County legal events. 

Our Hope

 We hope all visitors leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the law – that one person can make a difference, that the legal system can and should better our society, and that the legal profession is an honorable calling. 

Maricopa County’s Historic Courthouse

The Courthouse has been renovated to its 1929 grandeur. While visiting the museum you will get a sense of Maricopa County’s legal history, its court cases and important elements of the Rule of Law, including individual rights and liberties guaranteed in the United States and Arizona constitutions. To our knowledge, it is the only such museum in an active courthouse in the country. 

About the Justice Museum and Learning Center


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Maricopa County Justice Museum and Learning Center

125 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004, United States



 For guided tours please email: justicemuseumtours@gmail.com 

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